ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS – Character Notes:

Nothing is set in concrete – its who is best suited to the character and I will age up/down to suit if necessary. Good all round roles throughout the play and some very energetic activities by several cast that will need choreographing and timing. Skiffle band included as live music/songs on stage.

It seems like almost none of the characters in this play would win a Good Citizen Award any time soon. Rachel and Francis are both guilty of fraud. Stanley is guilty of homicide – though he claims it was self defence. Charlie is a gangster and Dangle is his lawyer who keeps depraved characters out of prison. The women are immersed in the petty crime/thug world and almost all the other characters take it all in their stride; but the crooked characters always seem more interesting! In dramas, this theme would provide for some powerful character development, but in comedies it often sets the scene for silliness right off the bat.

CHARLIE “The Duck” Clench: a retired gangster.
Age range: Somewhere in his 50s.
Physique: Can take care of himself in a fight.
Character: Faint menace behind shark-like grin. (Think Alfred Doolittle from Pygmalion, but sober and with more small time criminal characteristics).

PAULINE: Clench’ daughter.
Age range: 20/30’s.
Physique: Pretty, eyes wide with wonder.
Character: Dim-witted, “the dumbest of blondes; (but, not necessarily a blonde!”)

ALAN DANGLE: A wannabe actor and Pauline’s fiancé.
Age range: 20/30s.
Physique: Fancies himself a ‘star material type’.
Character: An aspiring actor – dramatic gestures and accentuated dialogue. (He is sappy above love and uses large bravado with his anger (Think …putting a Shakespearean actor into a modern day comedy!)

HARRY DANGLE: Alan’s father.
Age range: 50/60’s.
Physique: Written as heavy set.
Character: Clench’s crooked solicitor – dapper and faintly sleazy. (He pompously uses his ‘educated class’ demeanour and his weapons are: the law, contracts and big words. Often uses Latin to impress.)

STANLEY STUBBERS: An upper-class criminal and Rachel’s lover.
Age range 30s.
Physique: Athletically built type:
Character: Roscoe’s murderer. Strides about with confidence. (Lounge Lizard type – nicely menancing.)

RACHEL CRABBE: Roscoe’s identical twin sister.
Age range 20/30s.
Physique: Pretending to be a man (her brother).
Character: Energetic and confident. (Gruff snarls pretending to be manly – stands up for her/himself)

FRANCIS HENSHALL: A scheming assistant.
Age range 30 something.
Physique: ‘cheeky and chubby’.
Character: Accidentally employed by two masters. Always hungry. Puppy, clumsy innocence with an infectious grin. (At times he pretends to be tough, but we know the truth.) This character interacts with audience and has some very energetic/fast paced moves plus physical comedy).

LLOYD BOATENG: Charlie’s friend – an ex con turned pub owner.
Age range 40/50s.
Physique: Written as Jamaican with a shaved head.
Character: Cheery smile. He is also the pub’s chef. He is a tough guy – doesn’t take any nonsense. (Note: Originally written for black actor, but has been played as other ethnic or racial types).

DOLLY: Charlie’s secretary:
Age range 20/30s.
Physique: Voluptuous. Written with beehive hair.
Character: Flirtatious with a scarlet lip-sticky grin over her shoulder. (Bossy, wiggles on heels.)

GARETH: Head waiter at The Cricketers’ Arms.
Age range 30/40s.
Physique: ‘Efficient and streamlined’.
Character: Oversees operations with a flick of the wrist and a lifted eyebrow. (Sees all, knows all).

ALFIE: Waiter:
Age range: Ancient.
Physique: Hard of hearing and nearly blind.
Character: ‘Cadaverous’ – shuffles along, back bowed and bewildered, in a world of his own. (Note: Lots of physical comedy and pratfalls – the actor playing this part must actually be nimble and agile!).

ENSEMBLE: Party guests, extra porters/waiters, passer-by, a vicar, policeman and a female in audience.

SKIFFLE BAND: As in the 60’s era, I aim to have a skiffle band on stage with live music/singing the songs written for ONE MAN TWO GUVNORS with cast and audience participation where necessary.

October 2018:

Tues 16th Read through Wade Street Hall

Tues 23rd Auditions Holy Cross

Tues 30th Skiffle/Band/Music/Meeting Holy Cross

November 2018

Thurs 1st Blocking Holy Cross

Tues 6th BlockingHoly Cross

Thurs 8th Blocking Holy Cross

Tues 13th Blocking Wade Street Hall

Thurs 15th Holy Cross

Tues 20th (Leomansley Room) Martin Heath Hall

Thurs 22nd Holy Cross

Tues 27thHoly Cross

Thurs 29th Holy Cross

December 2018

Tues 4th Holy Cross

Thurs 6th Holy Cross

Tues 11th Martin Heath Hall

Thurs 13th Holy Cross

Tues 18th Wade Street Hall

Thurs 20th Martin Heath Hall

Two week break Xmas/New Year.

January 2019

Thurs 3rd Holy Cross

Tues 8th Martin Heath Hall

Thurs 10th Holy Cross

Tues 15th Martin Heath Hall

Thurs 17th Holy Cross

Tues 22nd Holy Cross

Thurs 24th Holy Cross

Sat 26th / Sun 27th – Get in – Set Up. – Garrick

Mon 28th – Tech – 6.30 p.m.

Tues 29th – Dress – 6.30 p.m.

Weds 30th – 1st Night – 7.30 p.m.

Thurs 31st 2nd Night – 7.30 p.m.

Friday 1st Feb – 3rd Night – 7.30 p.m.

Sat 2nd Matinee 2.30 p.m.

Sat 2nd – 4th Night – 7.30 p.m. – Strike – Get out.