Angelique Runnalls-Bould

Publicity Manager

How long have you been with the Lichfield Players?

I joined the Lichfield Players in 2016

What made you join?

I joined because I had done a few plays when I was at school and college and wanted to do something that would push me out of my comfort zone.  I have danced since I was 4 and knew I could do that, but learning lines and giving a convincing performance scared me and I wanted to see if I could master it, I think I might have learnt a few bits but want to carry on getting better and better.

What made you want to be a committee member, and what is the be a part of that?

I have loads of skills from my professional life that I knew I could apply to help promote the Players, and wanted to use them and give back to the group, who have been generous in coaching and teaching me all about acting and stagecraft.

The best part is that our Chair lady always makes amazing cakes at her house for committee meetings… that is high on my list, but the best part, is being part of a team of people who want to ensure that this group is around for many more people to enjoy and be part of for many years to come.

What has been your favourite production to be in/direct?

My favourite role is the first one I was cast in for ‘Don’t Dress for Dinner’ which was terrifying being the new girl, who couldn’t act.  I felt like I was able to really hold my own and my fellow cast members and director were so supportive, it will always hold a special place in my heart because of that.

Genres that you are keen on?

Comedy and Farce – it transpires that I seem to be quite good at comedy (I’ve always wanted to be a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Barbara Windsor) and I love hearing the audience laugh in the right places, sometimes even the wrong ones.

The best thing about being part of this group?

For me its that, in the main, everyone wants to help, support and put on a great production and keep our Treasurer happy with a healthy bank balance to carry on doing this.  We are really lucky to have some super talented people who (thankfully) never say no, and no question is ever a stupid one.

We genuinely are a huge family and it truly is a delight to be part of.


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