Bill Killick

Bill has got drunk a few times, killed someone (was it more?), beaten people up, ran off to sea, came back, switched lights on and off, fallen in love, mended broken toys, lied in court, sang in the trenches, pushed buttons and told people to “Stand by FX2, stand by Tabs”, played a grand piano while talking (difficult), cheated on his wife (who became his mother-in-law), tied a bow tie while talking to the audience & without using a mirror (even more difficult), moved benches around, kept score at a cricket match, watched his father get old, turned sound on and off, did things to cushions, told people to stand up and sit down, lied to the police, ran up and down stairs, stolen actors’ lines and made a 14-year-old boy cry (quite deliberately). Some of that was acting of course; the rest just happens all the time in the Lichfield Players. Oh, and he really did marry the President’s daughter.