Jo Barnes

Wardrobe and Properties Co-ordinator

I have been involved with the Lichfield Players for 4 years. I wanted a new interest and thought backstage in a theatre would be interesting and l could use my creativity.

I started by doing the props. Sourcing them and being responsible for organising them behind the scenes for the cast to use. Quiet scary and a big responsibility ensuring everything is in the right place. I also help with stage set and placing props ready to use. Now responsible for wardrobe so the job now includes both props and wardrobe as sometimes they do overlap.
have recently organised our storage units and catalogued costumes and small props so l know what we have in stock.

Moving onto the Committee was a natural progression to represent Props and Wardrobe so I can report to the committee about these areas. I have been on many committees in the past and know it is a thankless task but very rewarding.

I enjoy teamwork and Lichfield Players is very much a team effort ensuring the smooth running of the group.

My first play was a thriller - The Exorcism, and I was thrown in at the deep end preparing a Christmas dinner every night. A baptism by fire but l was then hooked. I have done 12 more productions since then both in the Studio and The Main stage with large and small casts. I especially enjoy comedies but every play we have undertaken even if scary, serious or funny have been great fun to be part of. Although Props is a big role l can call on any number of people to help which shows what a friendly group it is and a joy to be a part of. Everyone is important and valued.

Job Description